‘ What an honour it was to sing Ray’s beautifully expressive cantata ‘ A Better World.’ With so many heart stirring pieces it is difficult to choose a favourite; perhaps Crooked Wood, Ever in Hope or Let me in…but in its entirety the cantata had a poignancy which touched the soul of both performer and audience.

 A wonderful production.’


My career has been in education but my passion has always been music, playing the guitar and composing from my teenage years.

In 2009 I made an album of music and started to write more seriously.

I joined a choral society that year and soon started to write music in four part harmony for choirs.

In 2012 Weston Choral Society performed four of my pieces and in 2014 Worle Showbiz Choir performed my Cantata ‘A Better World’. Pieces from that work have since been performed locally.

My latest work ‘A New Spring’ was performed by Worle Community Choir on September 1st 2016.

My choral compositions do illustrate modern and relevant issues. My two Cantatas, ‘A Better World’ and ‘A New Spring’ are about prejudice, the plight of refugees, the search for family identity, the quest for a better life and fairer society and the euphoria and sadness of war. However, I have an extensive portfolio of songs which deal with the whole range of human experiences.

Some of my pieces are for soloists, within choirs, and many have been adapted for piano solos.

There are examples of my work on the various pages of this website and there is a page that gives reactions to my work from musical directors, chairs of choral societies, choir members and audiences.